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Construction Management

As the project architect, INTERPLAN ARCHITECTS, INC. acts as the client’s principal mediator, representing the interests of the owners in the management and investigation of construction projects of all types and sizes.

We have the experienced professionals that assist with a complete review of project documentation, on-site project management, continual monitoring of the work, project scheduling, on-going interaction with the contractor and sub-consultants, project cost, pay application review and compliance, and if needed, dispute resolution.



Bidding Consultation

We can also provide consultation during bidding and contract negotiation. Based on a preliminary design approved by the client, we will develop contract documents with the necessary detail to obtain building permits and hard bids from general contractors. The contract documents include extremely detailed architectural drawings, specifications and represent the majority of the work we provide. These drawings will be in compliance with all code requirements and coordinated with electrical, mechanical, environmental and structural systems. In addition to the drawings, we work with professional engineers to prepare structural drawings and review necessary drainage plans to meet the local codes. We visit the construction site regularly to monitor progress and deliver any necessary interpretation or clarification of the drawings for the contractor. We also review payment applications and change order requests to make sure that the construction process runs smoothly and on time.

This process allows us to provide an invaluable service that will result in the top design and construction quality available.


TEXAS AIM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. was created to handle the comprehensive construction management for the clients of INTERPLAN ARCHITECTS, INC. We wanted our client to see that their projects can transform from paper, to a completed commercial building without the conflicts presented by some local contractors. We have the experience and the confidence to finish a project for our clients efficiently and at a competitive cost.


Preliminary and Final Site Plans C-Store Floor Plans and Architecture
Fast Food/ Drive Thru/ Car Wash Plans UST Installation and Removal Plans
SPCC Plans AST and UST Plans and Permitting
Pre-Project Permitting Analysis Compliance Paperwork
Difficult Permit Resolution Strategic path / Engineering procedure development
Estimates Project Presentation
Field Services Unbiased Advise on Structures and C- Store Equipment
Bid Documents and Contractor Selection Project and Program Management
Signage Programs Post-construction Punch Listing
Maintenance Diagnoses, and Anything that goes with the requirements of a Service Station MEP, Civil, Structural Plans and Permitting
FUEL and UST Plans and Permitting Landscaping and Irrigation Plans
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